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General Info & Appointments:

Zap can be contacted via e-mail at or by calling 773-376-2278, Monday- Friday 10am-5 pm. Prop viewings are by appointment only. We are not open to the general public for browsing. Contact us to schedule an appointment, check availability of props, or to reserve items. Appointments are free. However, any appointments requiring special services, such as having large items pulled, will be subject to a non-negotiable fee of $50.00/ per hour due at the time of appointment.

Payment and Renter Information:

Credit Card (MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover), company check, and cash are acceptable forms of payment. Once an order is finalized and leaves our warehouse, payment is non-refundable. All renters are required to provide a valid ID and credit card information to be kept on file in the event of loss or damage.  Certain rental items require an additional form of ID or other documentation.

If you are a private renter (i.e. not affiliated with a commercial business), a security deposit authorization on a valid credit card may be required for items with a value over $500.  

Rates and Terms:

Rental items are priced at a percentage of their retail value. Please contact us to obtain a quote for a particular item if the price is not listed. All rates quoted or listed are for weekly (7 day) rentals. Additional weeks for most items are charged at a rate of 50% for the second week, 25% per week for the third and fourth week, and 25% for each additional month.  We do not offer alternative rates for shorter term or daily rentals.  Some items follow a different extended rental pricing structure and/or are not eligible for any discounted rates.

Full payment is required by the time of pick up for most renters.  

Long-term productions must establish an account with us prior to the first pick up if requesting credit terms.  All payments are due no later than 30 days from the date of pick up.  If a production falls more than 2 weeks past due on any invoice, Zap may convert the production to regular rental terms (payment due at pick up) until the account becomes current.

Holds & Reservations:

Props may be reserved by phone or e-mail.  If reserving an item for a date more than a week away, a 25% non-refundable deposit may be required to hold the rental if there are multiple requests for the same item.  

For large items that require significant labor to get ready for rental, a 25% non-refundable deposit is due at least two business days prior to pick up.

If an item is subject to the 25% non-refundable deposit, the refund policy below does not apply.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

If a rental has been paid for in advance and is cancelled at least three business days prior to the pick up date, the rental is generally eligible for a 90% refund.  The 10% charge accounts for transaction processing fees on the payment and refund as well as administrative costs.  

In a rental has been paid for in advance and is cancelled one to two business days in advance, the renter is generally eligible for a 50% refund.  

If a rental has been paid for in advance and is cancelled on the day of pick up, the renter is eligible for a 25% refund. 


These charges are due to the labor and scheduling involved in getting a rental ready for pick up, administrative costs, and accounts for transaction fees on the payment and refund.

If payment has not been made on a rental and the rental has not been pulled yet, there will generally be no charges.  


All items are rented as-is. If you have any questions about the appearance or condition of an item, we encourage you to make an appointment to view items in person prior to renting. It is our policy that the renter shall examine and inspect any Props rented to determine that the Props are safe and in good working order. Such examination and inspection shall occur at the time of pickup or as soon as reasonable after receipt of the Props and always before the first use of the Props. The renter's pick up of any Props shall constitute an acknowledgement by renter that such Props are in good working order and safe, and the renter assumes all risk of liability resulting from any malfunctioning or otherwise unsafe Props.


Delivery and Pickup:

We do not offer delivery and pick up services. It is the responsibility of the renting party to make all transport arrangements prior to the date of rental. We require all renters to schedule their pick up and drop off times in advance. Our loading dock hours are Mon-Fri 10 am- 5 pm.

We recommend Schlep for local delivery services  if you are unable to pick up or drop off your rentals in person. Use the code: ZAPPROPS to receive 10% off your Schlep services.

Please note that if you are renting an oversized item, we require that you obtain dimensions of the rental item (we can provide these for you) and make sure it can fit in your vehicle. We do not allow items to leave in vehicles that would expose them to the elements. To ensure safe transit, please rent the appropriate vehicle for transporting our items. 



We typically do not ship rental items. The cost of packing and shipping often exceeds the cost of the rental and thus is not cost effective for either us or our clients. Under certain circumstances, we may accommodate a shipped rental if the item is unlikely to be damaged in transit and the renter agrees to all shipping and handling costs.



We typically clean and pack all items before pick-up as time allows. If your item is wrapped when it goes out, please do your best to return it in the same packaging. We ask that our customers provide all ropes, ties, or packing blankets needed for large items to be be secured inside vehicles.  If you do not want your item cleaned, please let us know at the time the rental is arranged.


Damages & Deposit:

The customer is responsible for any damage to items beyond the original condition they were released in. A credit card number must be kept on file in the event of any damages or loss. Damages and loss may be billed as a repair, cleaning fee, or replacement.  Replacement fees reflect the labor involved in re-sourcing items and objects that are vintage and unique and may be more than the "sticker" cost of the item.


Any alterations/repairs/intentional damage must be approved by Zap Props. In general, the only alterations that are allowed are those that improve the integrity of the piece. In the event that the renter causes any modification of any Prop without consent of Zap Props, the renter shall be responsible for all liability which may arise in connection with the modification of such Props. The renter shall be responsible for the cost, as determined by Zap Props, to repair or replace any modified Props to their original condition.



We have a full fabrication shop and are selectively able to build custom props. Availability is limited as our fabrication team is small and typically working on projects for our restaurant clients. All custom built props are available only for purchase.  We recommend at least one month lead time for custom prop inquiries.

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